About Us

We feel obliged to introduce one of our ambitious B2B venture www.b2btravelsuppliers.com as an entity , which is empowering Travel Agents & its entire ecosystem in a systemic approach, Inspired by our national trending slogan #AtmaNirbhar since couple of years .

It is well known that supply chain management is an integral part of most businesses and is essential to company success and customer satisfaction & when it comes to travel industry , then it’s becoming more relevant for its fraternity because you need to practise very well in a single dashboard that from where & how you are going to purchase the best possible world class service in a fast pace to deliver your customers in a very short stipulated time . Supply chain management or Suppliers is a very vital to travel business ecosystem , providing the mechanism for getting right services into the hands of consumers through reliable travel agents .

In travel business, supply chain management allows travel agents/agency to make maximum inventories available with as many products & services as needed to meet market demand with best quality from reliable source with wholesale B2B price range.

No matter the size of your travel agency , supply chain management should be a priority for all travel agents / agency to improve your chances of success.

Supply chain management in (service & travel) industry can be defined as “the integration of key business processes from end-users to suppliers through travel agents that provide products and services to add value to customers”. These processes involve managing the movement of services throughout the organization while maximizing customer value and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage.

More Suppliers will take care of any tour and travel requirement of yours esteemed clients at all level to increase your brand value & profitability by delivering the stated and unstated needs of the requisite. You can be venturing into new geographic arena and making utmost effort to make the best affordable deal available from thousands & thousands of B2B travel suppliers from across the nation and world .

We believe that data and information aren’t static but a constant process of discovery. That ideas are the catalyst for progress. At B2B Travel Supplier Portal the subsidiary organization of Jegs , we go beyond helping businesses transform through Information & technology . We share our hard-won insights, our stringent research, and our deep expertise so that we can add to the pool of collective knowledge and spark innovation & Information. Because we believe that together, we build better.

The incredibly DNA of the organization based on professional precision and customers delight. It is also one-stop organization that offers the complete range of travel related services by providing from Travel suppliers data base to Travel Technologies with skill upgradation academy amongst many other in travel service ancillaries . Superior knowledge, efficient planning and the ability to anticipate and resolve potential challenges along the way are the reasons behind your & our success.

An immense network and robust infrastructure across the globe, and an unparalleled expertise in handling travel operation can excel you into designing tailor made domestic & international tour packages (Offers range from classics tours to mesmerizing new discoveries and journeys) to strengthen your travel business more stronger and success . So , what are you waiting for …..log onto www.b2btravelsuppliers.com .